Marcos Tamargo bio

With only forty years old, his art work is located in museums and particular collections such as The Hispanic Society Museum, National Heritage, European Organization for Nuclear Research, Princess of Asturias Awards, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAEUEC), Infanta Elena Museum, etc, as well as galleries in the United States. Europa and South America. He counts with a constant and active participation in international art fairs, in cities like New York, Miami, Brussels, Geneva, London, etc.

Marcos Tamargo is a painter who works fundamentally in an abstract-figurative language, creating art pieces in which you can always feel a strong bond/ relation between his art work and his personal life. One of the most important and remarkable characteristics is the utilization and transformation of matter in the form of textures shown in different places or situations that he shows in his work, in order to put his essence in the canvas, in a palpable way.

Since 2019, he portrays distinguished the Nobel Prize Women, a project that counts with the collaboration of more than 20 institutions, among them it is worth mentioning: The Nobel Museum, Nobel Institute, The Embassy of the United States, The Embassy of Germany, UNESCO, among many others, coordinated by Rocaviva Events.  In order to achieve this, he uses his MoveArt technique, in which we can see two completely different art pieces in the same canvas, one under a natural light, and another one in the dark.

He is ambassador in Spain of the prestigious brand of paints Winsor & Newton.

Academic Backgorund

The Art Students League of New York.

The School of Visual Arts of New York.

Erasmus scholarship at the Business and Management Sheffield Hallam University (UK).

Business and Management degree at University of Oviedo.

Exhibitions (main)

2023 – Individual exhibition in Espacio Garaje Lola, Madrid (Spain)

2023 – Astronauts Exhibition at the National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid (Spain)

2023 – Individual exhibition “La marcha de los 10.000” Gijón (Spain)

2022 – Individual exhibition at David Bardía Gallery, Madrid (Spain)

2022 – Collective exhibition at Flagship Mango, New York (EE. UU.)

2022 – Individual exhibition Moret Art, Coruña (Spain)

2021 – Individual exhibition in Dubai. 50 years of the foundation of Arabic Emirates, Dubai (UAE)

2020 – Individual exhibition Cornión Gallery, Gijón (Spain)

2020 – Nobel Prize exhibition at Casa Colón Museum, Gran Canaria (Spain)

2019 – Nobel Prize exhibition at Villa Nobel Museum, Sanremo (Italy)

2019 – Individual exhibition Nobel Prize Science Women, House of Representatives, Madrid. (Spain)

2019 – Individual exhibition Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery, Burgos, (Spain)

2018 – Individual exhibition Pago de Los Capellanes Ribera del Duero, (Spain)

2018 – Collective exhibition at Bermuda National Gallery, (Bermuda Island)

2018 – Collective exhibition Espinasse31 Gallery. Mónaco, (France)

2018 – Collective exhibition Espinasse31 Gallery. Milano, (Italy)

2018 – Individual exhibition Espinasse31 Gallery. Milano, (Italy)

2017 – Individual exhibition Alfonso XIII Gallery. Madrid, (Spain)

2017 – Individual exhibition Infanta Elena Museum. Ciudad Real, (Spain)

2017 – Collective exhibition Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Madrid, (Spain)

2017 – Collective exhibition Santa Cruz Museum. Toledo, (Spain)

2017 – Collective exhibition Lucía Mendoza Gallery. Madrid, (Spain)

2016 – Individual exhibition Mirat & Co Gallery.  Madrid, (Spain)

2016 – Individual exhibition AMPARK Gallery. Frankfurt, (Germany)

2016 – Collective exhibition Lucía Mendoza Gallery. Madrid, (Spain)

2015 – Individual exhibition Gazzambo Gallery. Madrid, (Spain)

2015 – Princess of Asturias Awards honorable Portraits and her Royal Highness. Oviedo, (Spain)

2015 – Collective exhibition Lucía Mendoza Gallery. Madrid, (Spain)

2015 – Collective exhibition ABALARTE. Madrid, (Spain)

2014 – Prince of Asturias Awards honorable Portraits and his Royal Highness. Oviedo, (Spain)

2014 – Individual exhibition Art4Plus Gallery. Madrid, (Spain)

2014 – Individual exhibition Nina Torres Gallery. Miami, (EE UU.)

2014 – Individual exhibition Art Wanson Gallery. Marbella, (Spain)

2014 – Individual exhibition Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery. Burgos, (Spain)

2014 – Individual exhibition de las Bolas Museum. Burgos, (Spain)

2014 – Collective exhibition María Aguilar Gallery. Cádiz, (Spain)

2013 – Prince of Asturias Awards honorable Portraits and his Royal Highness. Oviedo, (Spain)

2012 – Individual exhibition Van Dyck Gallery. Gijón, (Spain)

2012 – Prince of Asturias Awards honorable Portraits and his Royal Highness . Oviedo, (Spain)

2012 – Individual exhibition “Vistas aéreas” Art Angler Gallery. New York, (EE. UU.)

2012 – Collective exhibition Art Angler Gallery. New York , (EE. UU.)

2012 – Collective exhibition at Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery. Burgos, (Spain)

2012 –  Collective exhibition “Transformers”. Corcoran Gallery. Washington, (EE. UU.)

2012 – Collective exhibition “Young Promises of Contemporary Art”. Van Dyck Gallery. Gijón, (Spain)

2012 – Collective exhibition “Contrastes”. Van Dyck Gallery. Gijón, (Spain)

2011 – Individual exhibition “Realidad Subyacente” Van Dyck Gallery. Gijón, (Spain)

2011 – Prince of Asturias Awards honorable Portraits and his Royal Highness. Oviedo, (Spain)

2011 – Collective exhibition “La fugacidad del tránsito por la vida”. Pop-up Gallery. Madrid, (Spain)

2011 – Collective exhibition “Jóvenes valores del arte contemporáneo”. Van Dyck Gallery. Gijón, (Spain)

2011 – Collective exhibition “Plural”. Van Dyck Gallery. Gijón, (Spain)

2011 – Collective exhibition “Spanish artists without borders”. Centro Español of New York. (EE. UU.)

2010 – Individual exhibition “Bridges and Rooftops”. Galería Santiago Cásar. Santander, (Spain)

2010 – Collective exhibition “Kaleidoscopes of color”. New York Realism Gallery. New York, (EE. UU.)

2010 – Individual exhibition “Artcard”. Ben Navaee Gallery. Toronto, (Canadá)

2010 – Collective exhibition Obispo Solís Palace. Cáceres, (Spain)

2009 – Collective exhibition “Rust Belt”. Rogue Space Gallery. New York, (EE. UU.)

2009 – Collective exhibition The Art Students League. New York, (EE. UU.)

2009 – Individual exhibition Laboral Unviersity. Gijón, (Spain)

2008 – Collective exhibition “SOS Racismo” Madrid, (Spain)

Selected works

– Collection Clément.

– Collection Mango.

– Collection Winsor & Newton.

– Collection Studiolo.

– Collection Cajastur.

– Collection Kells.

– National Trust of Spain.

– Infant Elena Museum.

– Foreign affairs and cooperation of Spain.

– ABANCA collection.

– European Nuclear Research Center (CERN).

– The Hispanic Society of New York .

– Asturias Princess Foundation.


– Embassy of Spain in EEUU.

– Spanish Consulate in Sweden.

– Spanish Consulate in Miami.

– Oviedo University.

– Work an Social Affairs Ministry of Spain.

– Artefacting.

– Lutier Territory.

– Bodegas García.


– Rotary Club.

– Spanish Center of NY.

– La Nueva España Newspaper.

– Barceló Hotels.

– Oviedo Council State.

– Unión de comerciantes de Gijón.

– Meliá Hotels.

– Mad Women Fest.

– Pago de los Capellanes.

Marcos Tamargo at Kenya