Tàpies reinterpretation. Mango colaboration

Mediterranean is on you NFTAntoni Tàpies’ piece Ulls i creu (Eyes and cross) serves as a source of inspiration to re-interpret Mango’s purpose, “to inspire the world by sharing our passion for Mediterranean style and culture”. In this new digital piece, artist Marcos Tamargo associates both the sea water and the stylized characters of Tàpies’ work with the elegant motifs of the late creator, such as peripheral marks, ‘+’ symbols and eyes, like transformative waves. All these elements are not only spread all over the canvas digging in the sand, but they also exceed their limits to propose that the message reaches even further unexpected places. This expansive effect is multiplied through converting the ‘+’ into ‘x’, and also by soaking the whole scene in black. A couple of eyes, characteristic from Tamargo’s MoveArt technique, observes the spectators inviting them to be another element within the creation.